User Manual - Data Menu

All menu-items in the Data sub-menu will always change the currently selected documents in the document list. The document list is a list of loaded files in the top left corner of the Sculptor window:




- Closes the selected documents - they will get removed from the list of loaded files.


- Opens the properties dialog of the selected document, for example for a volumetric data set it will open the following dialog:




- Toggles the visibility of the selected document. If the "Sculptor Scene" document is currently selected all documents will be set to invisible.

The visibility can also be toggled by clicking directly into document list onto the "eye" icon -


- The top-most document in the document list determines the origin of the entire scene - its origin will be the origin of the Sculptor 3D scene and all other documents will be positioned relative to this one. If the origins of your files are very different, this can also mean that only some files are visible. Other are positioned so far away that they cannot be seen. By moving the document to the top position one can inspect those files.