You can find an extensive user guide in PDF format, including a description of the Lua scripting language, here:

    Click to download the Sculptor 2 user guide in PDF format.

Alternatively, the following simplified graphical documentation is organized around certain topics, like the user interface or the visualization of certain document types. It also provides a short description of every menu-item. If you still cannot find an answer to a question, please also check the Tutorials or contact us by e-mail under

sculptor << at >> .

Please select one of the following topics from the graphical user guide:

1 User Manual - Overview - GUI
2 User Manual - File Menu
3 User Manual - Data Menu
4 User Manual - View Menu
5 User Manual - Docking Menu
6 User Manual - Structure Menu
7 User Manual - Volume Menu
8 User Manual - File Formats - MRC/CCP4